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Fundraising Full Force


We’ve reached almost a week since the initial IndieGoGo campaign launched for Fly High and so far we’ve received many amazing contributors who have donated just over $200, on top of what the K9 Disc Store donated in 2013. To each of you I send a humble “thank you.”

I had a recent conversation with one of my closest friends recently, one of whom has been immensely supportive and a great sounding board. In that conversation she posed the question, “Why do you want to make this film?”

For those that haven’t been involved in the conversations to this point, this all started nearly 2 years ago.

The reality is, our sport is only getting older with time and with that so are the originators of the sport. Before we know it, the old school competitors will be gone and so will their stories.

In the shadows of the 40th birthday of canine disc, what better time than to capture and preserve our story for the future. Canine disc is experiencing an incredible amount of growth and projections are that it will only continue to skyrocket.

Within that same conversation, it came to light that if each competitive disc dogger throughout the world would donate just $1, just one single dollar, the funding goals set for this project would be surpassed many times over.

There is no corporate or major studio financial backing for this project. The success of this project is dependent upon the involvement from the canine disc community and its supporters.

Please consider donating to this campaign to help bring the project to completion. All donations matter, no matter how great or how small.

If you’re a business owner, or know one who may be interested in investing in the project, please contact me at to request an investor’s packet.