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Venture into Film II


As I delve further into this journey to make my first film, I am filled with a variety of emotions, from nervousness to joy and everything in between. I realize this has been a long time coming and its still a long way from over.

I began my study of filmmaking when I was just 14 years old, focusing on the practice of script writing. I’ve always been a strong writer with an ear for grammar and an eloquence about my writing.

Fast forward a few years to my college days when my parents were kind enough to give me my first video camera to call my own. Sure, we had an old Hi-8 video camera that belonged to my dad that I would toy with and even made a pretty terrible short film with some of the neighborhood kids when I was younger but this new camera was mine. It lived on my desk in my apartment, ready at a moment’s notice. I captured what I thought relevant and what I thought would help me better hone my skills. See, I’m one of those that I’m never good enough and I am my own worst critic but it pushes me to be better, to strive for perfection although I’m well aware that I will never fully attain it. But it has gotten me to where I am.

Am I a Hollywood A-List director, an award-winning writer, an ASC accomplished Director of Photography? No, and am no where close. However, I’m perfectly happy with that.

You see, I had intended to move to California to pursue my dreams of being a writer but I made the decision to go to college after high school and I made a conscious decision that I wanted to stay out of the Hollywood circle. I wanted to make the videos that I wanted to make. Not the one’s someone else wanted. I didn’t want to be on the major motion picture set. I needed to tell my stories.

Although the majority of my work is commercial for corporate purposes, the passion and desire to tell a great story is still there. Its still alive and it keeps my fire burning each day.

But why make the jump from short corporate videos to a full-blown, feature-length documentary? Because its time. Its time I aim higher. Its time I challenge myself. Its time I make my mark on my world. When I get to the end of my life, I want to look back and be able to say I did everything I wanted to do with my life. I’ve faced death but I was given a second chance at life and I want it to be a great, memorable one.

That is not to say this journey has been or will be easy. I’m already 2 years into the development of Fly High and its been an arduous process. I wake up wondering when it will all come together. I wonder if it will be well received or if there’s even an interest at all. But I also dream. I dream of the chance to submit to film festivals. I dream of the film being accepted to any one of them and I dream of sharing the story of a sport that saved my life to everyone else. Its not about me. Its about passion. Its about love.

So I leave you with this question.

Who will tell the story of your life?